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How to make everyday count

May 27, 2018 Share

What it means "day that count"? In general it is a day after which you feel happy, optimistic and you can't wait what you will do next day. It is connected with don't spend a lot of time doing things you don't like doing. Do as much as possible things you love and you in a "flow" state of mind. You do something important to you and you control your emotional state. Life is really complicated. It's, at times, almost impossible to make sense of. There are moments that we feel absolutely clear on who we are, what we are doing and all our energies align, but a lot of life is spent in a whirlwind of busyness that feels productive, but in reality isn't at all.

Think positive

Your outlook should be positive and exciting if you want to live a life filled by happiness. Think about what can be done instead of dwelling on the "what ifs." A positive outlook truly can determine life or death, success or failure, happiness or despair. For inspiration i recommend an awesome book The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book)
It is one of the best books about right thinking.

Live with purpose

The main reason why days tend to lose meaning and slip away is because we're not working towards anything. Sure, we're going to our jobs or doing menial tasks we must do, but we're not actively pursuing a goal. And if we're not doing that, then we're not improving ourselves.

Purpose is what keeps us moving forward in life - engaging our very souls with passion. Passion is so important to living a fulfilling life. Feeling an inner-bone passion for that which you are spending energy on makes that energy well spent. Make your purpose one that forever changes the lives around you - making the world a better place.

You should always be looking for ways to make things better - including yourself. You can never know it all, and it's so important to always be learning and developing. It is really useful to set some goals and write them down. Make long-term and short-term goals, and the short-term successes keep morale up and spur on towards longer-term goals. By writing them down, you can work through your list and tick them off. Writing things down keeps you focused and makes sure you don't forget great ideas.

Don't be afraid

Don't let fear limit what you have to offer the world. It's important to acknowledge fear when it is present, feel it and discover where it comes from, and then move on. Don't let it immobilize your dreams and stand in your way.


This reflective exercise is quickly becoming a regular part of routine medical treatment. The ability to relax the body, focus on simple things like breathing and picture your recovery is vital to success. A few minutes, or a few hours, of meditation every day will help you defuse your stress and sets a tranquil tone for a happier, more peace-filled life. For a lot of people still can be meditation hard task, there is a lot of free content online about meditation, if you want more sofisticated "tutorial" you can try this Meditation: How to Meditate: A Practical Guide to Making Friends with Your Mind



Exercising every day will boost your endorphins, which will make you happier throughout the day. You'll find you have lots of energy to pursue your goals. But if you hate the gym, don't force yourself there. Find another active activity that you like.


Help someone

What better way to make your day count than help someone? It's always an amazing feeling to help somebody in need. And even better: kindness can be good for your health! Every day, try helping somebody in need, whether that's a friend or family member, a random stranger you see in the street, or an organization that needs volunteers. You might be surprised how fulfilled you feel. The biggest way to have a great day: spend time with your loved ones. Take the kids out for ice cream, have lunch with your sister, or go on a hot date with your significant other. Spending quality time with people (or even pets!) you care about will make your day warmer and give you a renewed sense of purpose.

Have a break

It's so important to carve a little time for yourself to breathe. Often this time sparks new ideas as your mind wanders, or helps you find solutions to problems that have been bugging you. If you burn yourself out, you're no good to anyone.

Special thanks to https://thoughtcatalog.com, http://www.thebridgemaker.com and https://inspiyr.com for inspiration.
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