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How to sell online without product (with a website)

January 11, 2019 Share

This article will learn you basics and some advanced strategies to sell online without your own product. Only thing what you need is a website and a bit of creativity and patience. With this technique, it is possible to make thousands of dollars from home.

1) Create a website

The first step to do is create a website, there are plenty of sites that allow you to create a web for free from a template. I suggest to learn a bit of HTML, CSS and create your own, but you can have a beautiful site from those free pages too. Wix.com should be a good site for you to start but there are many more where you can create your page for free.

Very important is to create a website or blog with a niche that you love. It is key to write and post about something that you are really passionate about.

Make it simple. Do not complicate things too much. Pick or create a simple website with a specific topic and create short interesting articles about something you like, something you know and something that can help others. Always think of helping others more than helping yourself. If you get something from it, good, but primarily try to help others.

2) Create any affiliate account

An affiliate site is a site where you create the account and promote products or services of others when somebody purchases an item or service, you get a commision. I believe the best affiliate site nowadays is Amazon Affiliates. There are thousands and thousands of products with reviews, rankings, good offers and much more. Registration is simple. I will not go through the registration process here but you can find a lot of tutorials on the web. When you finished your website and create an affiliate account somewhere, you can put some products that you tested or have a good rating on your web. Always put related products to your niche and current article.

Nobody will click on your advertisement when you write about creating beautiful cakes and promote new super high tech graphic card. Well somebody maybe will click on it but it is not a good plan.

3) Make your research

Spend as much time as possible to do your research and strategy. I will assume that you picked a niche that you love so in that case your website is alright and content is good. Next step is to make market research. Who is your targeted audience? The most important variables are gender and age. So if you writing about that beautiful cakes mentioned higher in the text, your targeted audience are a woman between 25 and 50? If you are writing about software and games, is your targeted audience men between 18 and 40? Read books, go through hundreds of other sites to find the information you need to solve this out. You can try to pick your audience on your own but there is a risk you will miss the right audience. When you find your ideal audience, the next step is to upgrade your research and target even country. Are your products most popular in Europe? It is specifically France and Portugal? I repeat, spend as much time as possible to study and get to the point where you are pretty much certain that you are right, but also don’t worry too much. You can always upgrade everything later.

4) Boost your traffic

There are almost countless ways how to promote your website. But be careful, a lot of those ways are fake and scam. You need to be honest, always with an intention to help others. A good way to start is to create Facebook and Instagram account, especially Instagram because it is very popular and still increasing in popularity in 2019. Post one or two pictures/texts or videos about something you find interesting that day. With that account comment and like other people stuff that you like. They will respond and comment or follow you. With your knowledge you can find forums connected to your niche and with comments help others with their problems, you can show them your article that will help them or solve their current situation. But do not spam. Always try to help. Be prepared that haters are everywhere but do not make their arguments true by spamming. If you want to boost your traffic with some money, the good way is Google adsense, Facebook and Instagram ads, for few dollars you can get a very targeted audience to your site.

5) Build trust with your followers and visitors

It is very important to create trust with your audience. You should provide quality information for free or offer any free product from the selected affiliate site. You should promote products that you have tested. Do not use pop-up windows with advertisement, Im against this type of advertisement because it is annoying for visitor. Here are my affiliate free products I chose specially for you and are meant to increase your knowledge about this topic! You see what I’m doing? I’m promoting free products right now just for you! You should do something similar on your webpage. You can also mention on your site that the links are from Amazon Affiliates and are 100% trust. If you want to see the preview of advertisement, turn off adblock. If you wish to keep ads hidden, let adblock on.

6) Mix it up with some other products

When you finished all your hard work and get to that point, what do you think will follow? More work! You should pick a few products that you tested or have a good rating and add them to your article. But that is the tricky part, do you really believe your visitors will buy or at least click on that item? Would you click on it? It looks hard but stay calm, you can always change the products on your site. If current does not work, pick another after 7 days. You have unlimited time for testing and finding the right way for you. If you never give up, you can never lose. Here is an example of my Amazon affiliate products. I suggest you should never promote products more expensive than $70 at the start.

You can also use pictures as a link to Amazon, but make it clear for the visitor that the picture is a link, so this pictures below are links to Amazon! Click only if you are interested or curious!

DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online Passive Income: 40 Ideas to Launch Your Online Business Including Blogging, Ecommerce, Dropshipping, Photography, Affiliate Marketing and Amazon FBA The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future How To Make Money Blogging: How I Replaced My Day Job With My Blog

7) Get feedback

Always try to get feedback from your visitors or followers on social media. Even if it is bad feedback, it has a value for you. If most of your comments and messages are negative, you should probably change something. And that is exactly what I will do right now. If you think this article is good or you have any other comments, advice to improve, write me on successmindinfo@gmail.com. I will be happy to hear from you! If there is a problem with the website or with Amazon links, just send me an email! Do you want advice? Send me a message! Follow and comment on social media. I’m here to help. Maybe we can build something together. In every case, do not hesitate to contact me.

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