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November 8, 2017 Share
Turn mistakes into opportunities - If you make a mistake, the first thing you should do is take ownership. Next, look for the golden opportunity, sometimes hidden, that comes with every mistake. For example, let's say you're working on an email promotion with a client. The offer includes a 25% discount until a certain date. But after you start the campaign, you discover that the day the discount ends is actually a Sunday. Not good. It's bound to hinder sales because less people are at their computers on weekends. So you send the subscribers another email on Monday explaining your mistake. You tell them you want to make sure readers have every opportunity to take advantage of the discount, so you're extending the offer another two days. You've turned a potential disastrous mistake into a sales opportunity.

Begin With a Long-term Business Plan

I think this is very important because many businesses fail when there are no goals. The companies possibly got started just because the founders needed some more funds and when challenges arose, there was no motivation to continue the business. Starting with a long-term business plan will help you focus on your goals. Your business plan will also include the reasons you started this venture in the first place, which will be a motivation to forge ahead even when there are challenges. Don't compare yourself to others who are doing better than you - No matter how successful you become, there will be others "above" you. Don't waste your time and effort focusing on this sort of thing. It creates jealousy and feelings of inadequacy within you. Focus on yourself. If you read or hear about the success one of your fellow copywriters is having (who started about the same time you did), don't view it as you falling behind. Use it as inspiration that you too can succeed.

Don't Wait for The Right Time To Start

You might end up waiting many years thinking it is not the right time to start that business, or make that risky move. This is simply a waste of time. Begin as soon as the basic requirements to start are available and grow your business from there. According to John Morgan, Co-CEO of Stillwater Dwellings, "Time lost is very painful; just think about how far you would have come in all that time that's been lost; my advice is to start now." Focus on what you can change, and don't worry about the rest - Wasting time worrying yourself silly over the state of the world or political issues only frustrates and hinders your progress. I'm not saying those issues aren't important, but focus on your own success first.

Never Miss an Opportunity To Develop Yourself

Continuous self-development will go a long way in positioning you to grow your business to a global level. Identify any areas you're weak in and strive to become better in these areas; (here's my favorite way to develop weak areas). Many business owners have poor time management skills while others don't have the slightest idea how to treat their customers. As the business owner, you have to be highly productive. Good time management and being productive will save you a lot of expense and time. Working with a plan will make it difficult for the business to deviate from your primary goals. Continue developing these skills and your business will surely make the Forbes list. Giving back to the community is a great way to develop yourself further. Nick Lanza Owner of Big Bear Vacations says, "We are constantly active within our community, donating to events, volunteering, and helping market the Big Bear community. We have a love for our town and believe that giving back plays a huge factor in our business being the largest and longest standing Vacation Rental Company in Big Bear celebrating 20 years."

Do Not Waste Your Free Time

Many people look forward to their leisure time, and it's usually wasted doing zero productive things. This might seem okay for people without a vision but now you have a goal. I'm not advocating skipping all vacations. But your free time can be spent developing yourself in some pretty amazing ways. Instead of looking out the window while commuting you can listen to a good book or send out business emails. Make sure every minute counts for your business. Evaluate your performance - At the end of each week, ask yourself the following questions: What did you learn this week? What could you have done better? What did you do that brought you closer to your short-term and long-term goals? How could you have increased your productivity? Have patience - Don't be discouraged if you're not currently where you want to be in your career. Focus on taking one step, learning one skill, and making one small improvement at a time.

Don't Forget To Work Out Regularly

Growing your business will require you to have at least some form of fitness planned to keep your mind and emotional strength consistent. I've already written several articles on how this can be achieved by engaging in different physical activities. Working out makes you happy, keeps your mind alert and prevents you from experiencing depression. Personally, I get the best ideas during my workout sessions. There will be challenges, and that's perfectly normal. Do not get discouraged however, because although the business will take some effort to get started, with the right mindset you will succeed. Thank Melissa Thompson and John Wood for articles and amazing inspiration, also thank Forbes and Awaionline for motivation.
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