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Daily routine of successful people (and how to learn from it)

November 22, 2017 Share

Regularly exercise

Exercise certainly is a portion of the day-to-day regimen of successful individuals. It'll make you feel good about yourself, and keep the body healthy, will make the mind alert and teach you discipline. As a matter of fact, a report revealed that 70 percent of successful business individuals discover a way to exercise each day. If you cannot exercise in the morning, get it in around lunch time or in the early evening. If you are on the ground floor and you are traveling to the fifth floor, take the stairs rather than the elevator--but do not overexert yourself because it may set you back.

Plan Strategically

Every famous/successful person you know got to where they are today by making planning one of their crucial daily habits. Without substantial, strategic, and thought out plans, you are bound to fail. As Benjamin Franklin said, failing to plan equals planning to fail. As you make your plans, ensure that they are perfectly aligned with your top goals. By so doing, you will be able to prioritize your plans according to what you need to accomplish to actualize your deepest dreams. Most entrepreneurs actually plan out each day the night before. As a result, they can wake up with a plan and purpose for what they need to achieve during the next 8 to 12 hours. The plan also empowers them to get going with an agenda for the day - one that will be difficult to stall or hide from.

Make Affirmations

Every morning, give yourself a short but impactful positive self-talk. Tell yourself that you're already successful, sensible, attractive, innovative, intelligent, humble, inspiring, leading, loving, influential, confident, productive, and creative. This strategy will give you the positive boost you need to get started on the right footing. It will also add that extra confidence that will see you going through anything that comes your way and emerging successful.

Invest in yourself

Network, educate yourself, invest in relationships, spiritually reflect, and take care of your physical and mental health.

Find a Zone of Genius

Successful people can identify the gifts and strengths they are bringing to the table. They are also aware of those tasks will take them out of this zone of genius. By identifying this zone, you will be able to master the strategies of team building, outsourcing, and delegation. After all, not everyone can do everything all the time. You need a support team of similar geniuses around to take up anything you are not talented in. Pay them well, and the returns on your investment will come back to you in multiples. All savvy business owners find other people to complete any task that is outside their zone of genius, as well as activities that won't generate revenue directly for the company. This daily habit will keep you in tune with your skills, abilities, and unique talents. You will also have enough time to activate these gifts for purposes of meeting the goals/objectives that should be done that day.

Complete your tasks

Whatever the activity is, successful people start and finish the work to the best of their ability.

Plan your day ahead

Objectives aren't as crucial as getting the work done. Not attaining goals may lead to lack of self-worth and depression; however, doing day-to-day tasks which propel you toward the person you wish to become will benefit you a positive way; that is, motion will beget greater motion.

Learn Persistence and Consistency

By setting up consistent systems and rhythms and sticking to them, you will be able to move forward and grow any project you are working on. Persistence, especially in the face of great loss, adversity, and fear, will also help you stay on track instead of focusing on the problems or giving up.

Don't Panic When Things Go Slightly Wrong

Many people start to feel stressed and anxious when things don't go exactly to plan, but these things can happen on a daily basis. Successful people realize they cannot control everything, and anticipate mistakes.

Dealing with problems is a big part of being a successful entrepreneur. Plan for mistakes, and you will deal with them rationally and efficiently as they arise.

They Work When They Don't Have To

First thing in the morning, the evenings and the weekend are all times that most people are not working. However, you could be wasting your productivity. Many successful entrepreneurs will work whenever inspiration strikes, as they know they will be more productive then than later.

If you have a great pitch for work, strike while the iron is hot and get working - even if you're not in work.

How To Adjust Your Schedule: Plan two hours work you will do during your free time, from replying to emails to making important calls. This will help you to get ahead and stay ahead.

They Do Important Work First

Many people arrive at the office and start their day with the little tasks, like emailing and admin. However, our brains are sharpest earlier in the day, so this is the best time to tackle the more creative work that challenges you.

If you don't get the opportunity to work on your chosen tasks first thing, take matters into your own hands; do the work from home, or come into work early.

They Understand Teamwork

Many of the most successful companies in the world were started with teamwork; Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, and Paypal was started by a team of five.

Being successful is rarely about being completely independent - successful people are able to work with others, able to compromise, and accept other ideas.

Thank those sites for inspiration and for their amazing work! www.inc.com, www.entrepreneur.com and www.lifehack.org
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