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22 affirmations to make life better one day at a time

March 18, 2018 Share

What Are Self-Affirmations?

Self-affirmations are statements that we tell ourselves in order to spark self-change (Steele, 1988). They are designed to alter our beliefs about ourselves such that they are more positive. Affirmations are more than just a self-help statements to make ourselves feel better. They can have a significant impact on our overall quality of life. Regular affirmations allow us to become more in tune with our thoughts and the way we think about our self in general. Additionally, daily affirmations help keep you in consistently positive mood. Optimistic people tend to be healthier, more productive, and generally happier than those who view themselves less positively. One study shows that after 4-weeks of repeated self-affirmation activity, participants experienced an increase in their mental well-being (Nelson, Fuller, Choi, & Lyubomirsky, 2014).

Most importantly, an affirmation needs to be stated in the present and be positive. For example, "I expect to be successful", would be one such affirmation. Notice that is written in the present; it does not say "I will be successful."

Affirmations are more beneficial when they are repeated. The more you repeat the same affirmation, the more your unconscious begins to believe it. By continually subjecting our mind to positive thoughts, we are actively changing how brain functions (Shaffer, 2016). Over time we are training our brains to think more positively through self-affirmations. It might seem silly or trivial at first, but the outcomes are real. People are just happier when they practice daily affirmations.

1. "I am smart and capable of accomplishing anything."

2. "I am grateful for everything I have."

3. "It's easy for me to meet people. I attract positive, kind-hearted people."

4. "I am confident and able to handle any obstacle thrown in front of me."

5. "I am calm and peaceful"

6. "My heart is overflowing with joy."

7. "I easily find solutions to challenges and roadblocks and move past them quickly."

8. "Every day in every way, I am becoming more and more successful."

9. "I am a problem solver. I focus on solutions and always find the best solution."

10. "I love change and easily adjust myself to new situations."

11. "I am unique. I feel good about being alive and being me."

12. "I trust myself and know my inner wisdom is my best guide."

13. "All of my body systems are functioning perfectly.

13. "I respond peacefully in all situations."

14. "I am perfectly healthy in mind, body and spirit."

15. "I am grateful for everything that I have received in my life as well as for everything that I will be receiving in the future."

16. "I always give my best in any activity that I undertake and therefore I am successful."

17. "Every day my life improves in every way."

18. "All the forces in the Universe combine to fulfill my every wish."

19. "The Universal spirit guides and protects me at every step in my life.

20. "I control my thoughts and create the reality that I want to."

21. "I am rich, successful, healthy and happy."

22. "The Universe and I are one."

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